Alpage de Porcherey

Les Contamines Monjoye (Fr)
Distance5,0 km
Difference in altitude 220 m
Duration 4 h
Difficulty Easy


From the Plan de la Croix car park, take the path that climbs towards Mont Joli, which then becomes a track. It passes through a small group of chalets before entering the forest. The landscape
it opens up again arriving at a first floor with buildings. At the intersection, take the path that continues in front, always following the direction "Mont Joli". The road becomes much steeper, but in a few hairpin bends it allows you to reach a second floor and its parking for vehicles that can get there. From here continue on the left path towards Porcherey, the pasture where the P’tit Riquet refuge is located and a little further away (but be careful of the much more bumpy road) that of Porcherey. The return is made by the same route.

Technical data

Les Contamines Monjoye (Fr)
Plateau de la Croix (Saint-Nicolas de Véroce, steep road to the right)
Refuge « P’tit Riquet » and alpage de Porcherey
Back and forth
Difference in altitude
220 m
5,0 km
4 h
Maximum altitude
1.670 m
Route conditions
Wide path less and less smooth from the pasture onwards

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